general note before this post (is there an opposite of a p.s.?): i have not been on tumblr super often lately because college! hooray! things are busy! but i can promise to at least be good about replying to asks so if anyone wants to tell me things, ask about life, just chat, whatever, please feel free to send me a message, i’d love to hear from you and will probably reply even if i’m not blogging <3


okay i really should be going to bed because i have to get up early tomorrow but i just wanted to say that it turns out there are some really lovely people in my house

like i don’t know if i ever mentioned it here but at first i was kind of worried because literally everyone in my house seemed to only be interested in going out partying and i wasn’t really sure who i would hang out with or anything like that

but in the past few days there’s a group of us that’s been hanging out together a lot - and if you had told me literally four days ago that we would be hanging out together all the time i would have been genuinely shocked - but everyone’s super nice and not into partying as far as i can tell and into some of the same things that i like and it’s just a really wonderful group of people

and on top of that even among the crazy partiers there are some really really lovely people that i enjoy talking to at meals and such even if we’re not like hanging out in the evenings

and like it’s still only the first week or two, there’s no one to say we’ll still all be friends a month or a year from now, but it’s really nice to have a group of fellow crownites slash generally awesome people i can go do stuff with

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The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch 


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Bless James for sharing these with the world

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Mary Morstan Caps 7-8/100

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how is it that four and a half hours of class in one day already feels like too much

i literally have been a college student for thirteen hours, but i’m not at all looking forward to my schedule tomorrow

on an unrelated note i really want to find a cool study spot but i have yet to do so


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Sherlock Holmes: I have been reliably informed that I don’t have one.
Jim Moriarty: Oh, but we both know that’s not quite true.

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one and only consulting detective in the world

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