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emily - 18 - chicago

protolinguist, francophile, JCLer, general nerd. really terrible at talking about myself. arthur shappey is the light of my life.

dum spiro, spero

ce qui me plait

in theory, this blog is a nicely balanced mix of sherlock, photos of places i have been or would like to be, and other (usually cabin pressure, text posts, and hannibal). in practice, things are not always so neat.

ce que je fais

currently obsessed with the gentleman bastard sequence by scott lynch. listening far too often to the soundtrack of robin des bois, and also preacher by onerepublic. finally watched un monstre à paris and very much in love.

ce qui se passe

in a bit of a lull at the moment between getting back from europe and starting school. as a result of this, tumblr usage is touch and go; i'm online more than i probably should be but don't always have it together enough to actually engage.

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Can anyone link me to the recipe of that fourth of july cake that looks like a flag in the actual cake (as opposed to on the top)?

I know I’ve seen it several times on my dash but all I can find now is pictures people have posted of the cake after baking it, without the recipe.

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